Paulo Ferreira backed Antonio Conte to continue being successful

During his 1st season in charge of Chelsea, Antonio Conte has been able to push the English club to the top of the Premier League and in a very dominating form.

Lifting the domestic title of England is something significantly difficult for any manager to do and it´s even more impressive for a manager who is making his debut in a league and in a club where he has never competed ever before.

Despite being a newcomer in the Premier League, Antonio Conte overcame every obstacle that he had in his path and was the main tactician behind Chelsea´s coronation as the new champions of England.

Paulo Ferreira is a former Chelsea player who helped the English club in winning the UEFA Champions League back in the season of 2011-12. The Portuguese made his last appearance as a professional football player on May of 2013 as he decided to retire and later went on to become a club ambassador of Chelsea as well as an assistant loan player technical coach.

Even though Ferreira is not an actual player anymore in Stamford Bridge, he is still working internally and knows everything that is going on in relation to Chelsea and Paulo Ferreira has recently talked about the impact that Antonio Conte has made since arriving to Stamford Bridge as well as also voicing his thoughts concerning the future of the Italian manager.

“It’s massive for a manager to come to the best League in the world and, like Mourinho did, win the title in his first season. Can he build something similar to what Jose did and sustain it? This is a big club that plays to win trophies. Everyone involved wants to go the same direction, to succeed´´

Conte is more involved than Jose Mourinho. If he could jump on the pitch and play, he would. He’s so passionate. He can’t just sit still on the bench. Everyone is happy at the training ground, the players say he’s fantastic and he motivates them´´ Paulo Ferreira said as he talked about Antonio Conte and compared him to the former Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho.

Antonio Conte Can Become Next Jose Mourinho, Claims Paulo Ferreira

Former Chelsea defender Paulo Ferreira believes that Antonio Conte can go on to become the next Jose Mourinho to Chelsea.

The Italian has been an instant hit amongst fans and players. Apart from managing to get Chelsea back to the top of the table, he has also been a breath of fresh air at Stamford Bridge. Conte could join the long list of Italian managers who have been successful at Chelsea. More importantly, the former Juventus manager has brought a new identity to the club. Jose Mourinho is widely praised for being one of the greatest managers in the history of the club, but his real success was in providing an identity.

Chelsea developed a reputation for being hard to beat and being a team that considerably less goals. This reputation also came with a negative aspect that the team played a defensive style of football, and it was not liked by many across the world. Conte, however, has been able to provide entertainment while being strong at the back at the same time.

The Italian also has the big task of replacing the old guard at Chelsea and it is not always easy. Yet, Conte has successfully managed to go away from the reliance on John Terry into a defence that works without the former England captain.

“It’s massive for a manager to come to the best League in the world and, like Mourinho did, win the title in his first season. There are still many points to play for but I hope it will happen under Antonio.Can he build something similar to what Jose did and sustain it? This is a big club that plays to win trophies. Everyone involved wants to go the same direction, to succeed. We know this is a really competitive League where it is difficult to win it two, three, four years in a row,” said Ferreira.


Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien is reportedly in talks with a European club Limerick FC over a possible sale.

The former Ghana international may soon be the first player from the African coast to own a club in Europe, according to the reports. The player is in talks with the Irish club’s management. The discussions are believed to have begun during the summer.

Limerick Life newspaper reported that the club has offered almost half its stake to Wexford business mogul, with Essien set to take up the rest. The report added that there have been meetings between the club and the player’s rep in the city and in London.

The club’s work with Treaty City impresses Essien’s wife Akosua Puni, who runs a foundation herself. If the deal goes through, she would be more involved with the foundation that is focused on educating poor children, even though their work is not as known.

After the report was published, the club’s chair Pat O’Sullivan denied meeting with Essien about buying into the newly promoted outfit.

“If I am, there will be a announcement made about it. Michael Essien visited for a game while he ws here on a private visit. He was in Limerick and I believe he asked to come to a game, and, just like anyone else, he was facilitated,” O’Sullivan explained.

The chair has spent quite an amount of the club. He welcomed the footballer to Limerick last year when the club clashed with Shelbourne last summer. He denied that there was any other thing attached to Essien’s visit other than to see the game as reported by the news.

The club’s soccer academy in Bruff would also interest Essien and his wife has the sports education programme helps youngsters in disadvantaged communities.


Premier League giant Chelsea has been dragged into the unfolding child abuse scandal in football in the UK.

The club is believed to have agreed to a secret deal that involved financial settlement in a case of sexual abuse by a former chief scout, according to the report by the Telegraph. The alleged victim would have revealed the cases of abuse in the 1970s by the popular and long-serving scout, Eddie Heath but Chelsea waded in to kill off the building story in a secret deal.

The payment means that the victim, his family and legal representative were never to mention the case of the sexual abuses in public for any reason. The terms are so stringent that everyone involved were not to ever acknowledge the existence of the case. As the story broke out, the club said a law firm would investigate the whole incident that occurred in the 1970s, with the accused now deceased.

Chelsea did not deny claims of payment, even as the amount involved remained closed. The victim met with the club during the Jimmy Savile scandal three years ago. The victim reportedly complained to the Metropolitan Police as well. Chelsea opted to bury the case outright with stringent clauses aided by their financial might despite initially rebuffing the claims by the victim.

Heath is unavailable to defend himself. The chief scout for the Blues between 1968 and 1979 was the story behind the discovery of top football stars like Ray Wilkins. Chelsea has reached out to the Football Association for wider investigation into the matter. There are rumours amongst former players at the club that point to a possibility that the case against the deceased is true.

Wilkins has denied this, saying “I knew Eddie very well. It makes no sense whatsoever to me. Eddie was a great guy.” Wilkins refused to believe the famed scout could have do anything he is accused of, saying he “never heard anything like this.”


Former Chelsea player Marko Marin has praised the effort of the club at caring for players even loaned out to other sides.

Though the player flopped and had to spend time away from Stamford Bridge, he was happy the club looked out for him. Marin told Goal:

“We talked once a month via Skype. After each match, I got an analysis from them. Chelsea did that very well,” he disclosed.

He revealed that the club’s officials ensured they felt loved by the club despite being away at other clubs for various reasons.

“Paulo Ferreira and Eddie Newton remained in contact with the loan players. It’s not like they dismiss you and forget you. I’m still happy that I was part of Chelsea and I’m still a fan of the club,” the former player said.

On the other hand, Chelsea are gearing up to play Everton in the Premier League this weekend. Two of the hottest strikers in the league would be facing off. Diego Costa and Romelu Lukaku have been banging in the goals for their respective clubs, and they would have a chance at proving their mettle when they met at Stamford Bridge.

Since the change in formation, Chelsea have gone on a four-game winning streak. More impressive, they have kept clean sheets even as they keep banging in goals. However, they would have to confront a player they tried to re-sign after letting the player leave. The fees Everton wanted for the Belgium international were on the high side as they were keen on keeping him.

“Diego is not only scoring the goals but working a lot for the team,” Coach Antonio Conte said of the Spaniard’s efforts this term. Costa has netted eight times while Lukaku follows closely with seven. Most likely, one of these stars would get a goal in the game.


Chelsea confirmed the transfer of Paulo Ferreira during Euro 2004, a tournament hosted by his home country, Portugal.

He appeared twice, including as a substitute in the final when Greece amazed the hosts, so it was as a European champion with his club but not his country that Ferreira arrived in west London the day before the squad jetted off to Seattle for that summer’s pre-season tour of the United States.

The transfer fee agreed was 20 million euros, considered a lot then for a full-back, but retrospectively good value for nine years of loyal and dedicated service. The right back gave his first press conference to the media in Seattle, alongside fellow new signings, Didier Drogba and Thiago. He made it known to the media that he was very excited to be at Chelsea and to work under Mourinho once more.

In few days of acclimatising with his new teammates, the Portuguese played his first Chelsea game in a 3-0 victory over Roma in Pittsburgh, completing the full 90 minutes. He played all but six minutes of a 3-2 loss to AC Milan four days later.

His devoted performances gave Mourinho enough assurance to select him ahead of Glen Johnson at right-back for the first game of 2004/05 against Manchester United. It was one of 42 appearances Paulo Ferreira made in all competitions that season as The Blues won the League Cup and ‘ran away’ with the Premier League.

It set the precedent for a trophy-laden spell at Chelsea for Ferreira, who continues to work in the club with the loan players and as an ambassador, while his then coach, Jose Mourinho later left and came back to coach the club few year later before he was replace by Guus Hindik in December 2015.

Conte ready to sell players

Antonio Conte stated that he has a clear idea of the team he needs in order to compete in the Premier League next season.

He said that he has been preparing the team in the pre-season with an enlarged group and that it is now time for him to reduce the group to a more manageable size. He was speaking after the game that saw the London side beat Milan in a friendly match.

Antonio Conte said that he was impressed with Oscar performance in the game and believes that the player has a lot to give to the team. He admitted that the Brazil international was quite poor last season, but he thinks that he can be a good player. Conte said that not only Oscar had a bad season last term, but many other Chelsea players did not perform to the best of their abilities last season.

However, the new manager believes that this is a new season and that each player will be given a new chance to prove themselves. He said that after the pre-season matches he has got a better idea of his team and believes that he is ready to conduct a clear out in the team. He said that there are players that are going to go out on loan while others might be sold as they do not form part of his plan.

It is clear that there are some younger players that Antonio Conte will allow to leave on loan so as to gain some experience while there are some older players that the Italian manager believes that are surplus to requirements. He said that he would need to speak with the club first before telling the players that they will have to leave. Conte believes that he has a strong squad to compete for the Premier League title and is confident ahead of the new season.

Paulo Ferreira Talks About Portugal In Euro 2004

At the time when everyone is rejoicing in the victory of Portugal in Euro 2016 it might be time to look back at the names that helped the country achieve victory earlier in the game.

Paulo Ferreira is one such name that helped the country reach the finals in the Euro tournament of 2004. Hence, it is time to reminisce how these players had contributed to the country’s achievement and the way the present players have supported the country’s win this time.

The finals would be seen by Ferreira sitting at home in his London residence, though his heart would be out there on the field, knowing how the players feel to be under the limelight of the world as the final match is played.

He is one of the best people to know the kind of difficulties the country team would be facing and trying to overcome as they fight for victory. Many journalists got on the line with Paulo to understand what his opinion of the game is. He stated that the final match between France and Portugal would be anything but easy. France would have a home ground advantage. That had been part of Portugal’s experience in 2004 and it remains to be seen whether history would repeat itself or turn a new leaf.

In 37 he recalls the game he played for Portugal on 5th July 2004. At the time when the team meeting is done there is nervousness that is palpable among the teammates. However, once the game starts off everything is forgotten, but the rush of adrenaline, which keeps the players focused on the game. For this year’s finals Paulo stated that there would be a 50% chance as the team had been defeated by Greece as well. Hence a win would cost a lot of effort from the team.

Paulo Ferreira a long time servant of Chelsea

Chelsea fans will never forget the contribution of Paulo Ferreira to the club.

He was brought in by Jose Mourinho when he took charge of the club in 2004 and quickly established himself as an important player for the team. More than his performance was the fact that he showed loyalty to the club despite interests from other sides.

Paulo Ferreira was part of the Porto team that won the Champions League in 2004 under Jose Mourinho. When the latter signed for Chelsea, Paulo Ferreira came with him together with his Porto teammate Ricardo Carvalho. He established himself as a pillar of the defence and helped Chelsea won their first title since 50 years.

He will score his first goal two years later during an FA Cup match where Chelsea beat Colchester 3-1. However as from 2006 he will see his playing time decrease with Mourinho favoring players such as Khalid Boulahrouz, Diarra, and Geremi. Despite this fact, Paulo Ferreira will stay at the club and will even sign a five-year deal that will see him stay at Chelsea on the long-term.

He revealed in an interview that the reason for him remaining at Chelsea was that he wanted to fight for his place. Although he knew that it was going to be difficult to get playing time, he said that he had a fighting spirit that kept him motivated.

It is this attitude that makes him a favorite player with the Chelsea fans. Another player would have already left the club by then but not Paulo Ferreira. He stayed at the club and was always present whenever the manager needed him on the pitch. There were many interests from clubs like West Ham at that time, but he resisted the lure of first-team football and committed himself with Chelsea.

Guus Hiddink thinking about Next Season

Guus Hiddink was quite worried to see the complacency of a few players in the Chelsea squad when he came in as the caretaker boss.

It had gotten Hiddink thinking at that time that the team might have to play in the second tier next season.

The history has the examples of big teams getting demoted too and Hiddink believed Chelsea was not too far away from creating another such example.

But, thankfully for all those people who love the Blues, the situation did not worsen to that extent.

The players regrouped under Hiddink and the latter part of the Premiership panned out to be far, far better
Obviously, with so many negative results first up, winning the title could never have been a realistic target for Chelsea, but, the fact that they are set to end in top 10 now recovering from all the damage, it can be seen as a decent fight back.

However, despite having the job well done, Hiddink does not give himself 10 out of 10. The Dutchman reckons he would have deserved full marks only if Chelsea had been in contention in Europe and also, in the Cup at this point in time.

However, he says the recovery in the Premiership is also commendable and he is very proud of the team for their positive reaction to the tough circumstances.

Hiddink is also in appreciation of the club staff for giving him the support that was needed. According to him, a single man alone could not have done it and it was only because everyone had been there backing him, he succeeded.
The 69-year old, who will hand over his job to Antonio Conte, also reckons that 2016-17 would be different for Chelsea and they would be involved in the race for the Premiership crown.