Paulo Ferreira backed Antonio Conte to continue being successful

During his 1st season in charge of Chelsea, Antonio Conte has been able to push the English club to the top of the Premier League and in a very dominating form.

Lifting the domestic title of England is something significantly difficult for any manager to do and it´s even more impressive for a manager who is making his debut in a league and in a club where he has never competed ever before.

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Former Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien is reportedly in talks with a European club Limerick FC over a possible sale.

The former Ghana international may soon be the first player from the African coast to own a club in Europe, according to the reports. The player is in talks with the Irish club’s management. The discussions are believed to have begun during the summer.

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Former Chelsea player Marko Marin has praised the effort of the club at caring for players even loaned out to other sides.

Though the player flopped and had to spend time away from Stamford Bridge, he was happy the club looked out for him. Marin told Goal:

“We talked once a month via Skype. After each match, I got an analysis from them. Chelsea did that very well,” he disclosed.

He revealed that the club’s officials ensured they felt loved by the club despite being away at other clubs for various reasons.

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Paulo Ferreira Talks About Portugal In Euro 2004

At the time when everyone is rejoicing in the victory of Portugal in Euro 2016 it might be time to look back at the names that helped the country achieve victory earlier in the game.

Paulo Ferreira is one such name that helped the country reach the finals in the Euro tournament of 2004. Hence, it is time to reminisce how these players had contributed to the country’s achievement and the way the present players have supported the country’s win this time.

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Guus Hiddink thinking about Next Season

Guus Hiddink was quite worried to see the complacency of a few players in the Chelsea squad when he came in as the caretaker boss.

It had gotten Hiddink thinking at that time that the team might have to play in the second tier next season.

The history has the examples of big teams getting demoted too and Hiddink believed Chelsea was not too far away from creating another such example.

But, thankfully for all those people who love the Blues, the situation did not worsen to that extent.

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