Paulo Ferriera, the star player of Chelsea club recently had quite a difficult time playing his normal game as he had to wear a mask in most of the crucial matches in fear of not hurting his already injured and fractured cheek bone.

Paulo Ferreira was eagerly hoping for a quick recovery and made sure he would wear the mask constantly throughout his training sessions during the entire Christmas Eve week.

The reason for his injury was due to the clash between him and the midfielder of Spurs named Gareth. Ferreira was first made to sit on the bench till he recovers to complete health and then could put in extra effort in the training to ensure that he maintains a consistent performance.

Paulo Ferreira however had to be sent back to London as a replacement substitute for Ivanovic, who was unable to recover in time for the next match. Paulo has been putting in his best effort, but at the same time, has been pretty concerned and protective regarding any clashes with his fellow opponents.

Some say that this might affect his game in the matches to come, but some are quite contented that he is still on the field putting his heart and soul to play for his team despite having an injury. Once the fractured cheek bone heals, there is no worry at all and everything will be set back in its place.

The mask has been extremely helpful in allowing the cheek bones to remain in place and not move around or shake with the movement of the face. These are certain points which need to be kept under consideration when one hopes of getting a quick recovery and Paulo Ferreira has understood this in the best possible way.