Guus Hiddink thinking about Next Season

Guus Hiddink was quite worried to see the complacency of a few players in the Chelsea squad when he came in as the caretaker boss.

It had gotten Hiddink thinking at that time that the team might have to play in the second tier next season.

The history has the examples of big teams getting demoted too and Hiddink believed Chelsea was not too far away from creating another such example.

But, thankfully for all those people who love the Blues, the situation did not worsen to that extent.

The players regrouped under Hiddink and the latter part of the Premiership panned out to be far, far better
Obviously, with so many negative results first up, winning the title could never have been a realistic target for Chelsea, but, the fact that they are set to end in top 10 now recovering from all the damage, it can be seen as a decent fight back.

However, despite having the job well done, Hiddink does not give himself 10 out of 10. The Dutchman reckons he would have deserved full marks only if Chelsea had been in contention in Europe and also, in the Cup at this point in time.

However, he says the recovery in the Premiership is also commendable and he is very proud of the team for their positive reaction to the tough circumstances.

Hiddink is also in appreciation of the club staff for giving him the support that was needed. According to him, a single man alone could not have done it and it was only because everyone had been there backing him, he succeeded.
The 69-year old, who will hand over his job to Antonio Conte, also reckons that 2016-17 would be different for Chelsea and they would be involved in the race for the Premiership crown.