Paulo Ferreira Talks About Portugal In Euro 2004

At the time when everyone is rejoicing in the victory of Portugal in Euro 2016 it might be time to look back at the names that helped the country achieve victory earlier in the game.

Paulo Ferreira is one such name that helped the country reach the finals in the Euro tournament of 2004. Hence, it is time to reminisce how these players had contributed to the country’s achievement and the way the present players have supported the country’s win this time.

The finals would be seen by Ferreira sitting at home in his London residence, though his heart would be out there on the field, knowing how the players feel to be under the limelight of the world as the final match is played.

He is one of the best people to know the kind of difficulties the country team would be facing and trying to overcome as they fight for victory. Many journalists got on the line with Paulo to understand what his opinion of the game is. He stated that the final match between France and Portugal would be anything but easy. France would have a home ground advantage. That had been part of Portugal’s experience in 2004 and it remains to be seen whether history would repeat itself or turn a new leaf.

In 37 he recalls the game he played for Portugal on 5th July 2004. At the time when the team meeting is done there is nervousness that is palpable among the teammates. However, once the game starts off everything is forgotten, but the rush of adrenaline, which keeps the players focused on the game. For this year’s finals Paulo stated that there would be a 50% chance as the team had been defeated by Greece as well. Hence a win would cost a lot of effort from the team.