José Mourinho Liked Paulo Ferreira: Glen Johnson


Tottenham Hotspur’s boss, Jose Mourinho, is best known for being the winner of the Champions League for two seasons. But he is not considered the best for managing players. Many of them have seen him ripping off signed contracts with other teams. Something like this happened to Glen Johnson.


Glen Johnson was the one who was signed first during the era of Roman Abramovich at Stamford Bridge. He joined the club in the year 2003. One year later, in 2004, Jose Mourinho shifted to West London. Johnson said Mourinho always wanted to have Paulo Ferreira. He had already played 19 games in his debut season before the Hotspur boss joined Stamford. The next thing he did was to sign Paulo Ferreira into his team as he was always his first choice in the right-back position.

Johnson said, Mourinho had a special corner for Paulo Ferreira and always wanted him to play well. Johnson had played only eight games in all the major competitions during his third season with the club. After that, he moved to Portsmouth on loan the next year, and the following season, he got signed there permanently.

Though Mourinho has a history of falling out with football players, he has been able to hold on to his name to his fans because of his skills to manage a team. Tanguay Ndombele, who has played for Lyon, said he is on the verge of leaving north London because Mourinho criticized him openly against the Ligue 1 club. He remembered that he had faced criticisms from him earlier when he used to play at West Ham United as a teenager and the team had lost the match with a score of 6-0 to Chelsea. Though he did not start the game, he was the one to be blamed for that particular match.